CAIIB Exam Preparation

Now, the Basic Question comes in the mind on How to prepare for CAIIB Exam.  CAIIB Exam is far more tougher than JAIIB and usually student used to fail for 8 times.  So, go through the video will help you on How to Prepare for CAIIB Exam.

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JAIIB Exam Preparation

Now, the basic question comes in Mind How To Prepare and we are in the need of Ready Made Solution.  And for that the solution comes here.  Watch the Video and see how to Clear JAIIB Exam and JAIIB Exam Preparation

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What is Retail Banking?

  • Banks cater to the multiple banking requirements of the individuals by segmenting the individuals as a separate business market and called it by the name of ‘Retail Banking’.
  • Thus Retail Banking is doing banking business with individual customers.
  • Retail banking is broad in nature.
  • It refers to the dealing of commercial banks with individual customers, both on liabilities and assets sides of the balance sheet.
  • Fixed, current/savings accounts on the liabilities side; and personal loans, housing, auto loans and educational loans on the assets side, are the important products offered by banks.
  • Related ancillary services include credit cards, debit cards and depository services.
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ABM Topic Overview Of Credit Management

Credit plays an important role in driving the national economy. It provides leverage to an entrepreneur to undertake a project larger than what he could have undertaken without availability of credit. This results in accelerated industrial production/services .It also enables individuals to first purchase/create assets and repay the loan from their future earnings. Credit also enables a consumer to spend more than what he would have otherwise spent. The increased demand drives the producers to step up the production. Thus, adequate and cheap availability of credit propels the economy to higher growth trajectory. But, let us also look at the other side of the coin. There is always a time lag between increase in demand and creation of supply to meet that demand. That is why excessive availability of credit, specially, for non­productive purposes, puts inflationary pressure on the economy. Sometimes, Reserve Bank of India has to use the monetary tools available to it, like Bank rate, CRR, SLR, etc., to control credit so as strike a balance between economic growth and inflation.

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